'Home is where the heart is'

A fact if there ever was one. Home is your inspiration, your habitat and the ultimate combine of comfort and convenience. We at Service Apartments at Bangalore.com know this, and understand that no matter where you are- the surety, homeliness and feel of your own residence cannot be easily replicated. But then again, our expertise in creating comfortable living spaces, home away from home, will negate the question of a relaxing, affordable, choice abode from your travel plans.

Luxurious service apartments in Bangalore

Service Apartments at Bangalore.com brings you luxurious living spaces that are totally in line with your need for comfort, security and convenient living. We have a comprehensive listing of Service Apartments in Bangalore like 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK suite rooms that are specifically designed for the businessman or the casual tourist in you. When in Bangalore, avoid spending truckloads of money on temporary accommodation (often, the cost doesn't naturally equate to a comfortable living space) and seek out a choice Service Apartment that suits your express requirements. Check out our complete listing- choose from a price range and locality in Bangalore, and simply, move in!!

Are you visiting to Bangalore on Holiday Trip or for Business?

Our Service Apartments cover all the basics of everyday living, and more. Service Apartments are ideal for the business traveller or the unplanned visitor who is looking to stay in Bangalore for an extended duration of time and expects the kind of homely environment, attention to sanitation and security, uninterrupted privacy that a regular hotel room cannot afford. Alongside such conveniences as well appointed bedrooms (regular and double), fully equipped kitchen (you can cook your own food, if the chef in you insists!), lavishly furnished dining hall, lawn and balcony, our Service Apartments feature 24x7 room service and security guards. Thus, while a stranger in Bangalore, you still have a familiar home to unwind in, after an eventful and exciting day.

Why Service Apartments are the preferred choice in Bangalore, today?

It's simply a matter of convenience. Why stay in an expensive hotel when all the conveniences required by you (from major details like Security and daily rent, to Wi-Fi and car parking) are available in a cost-effective package that feels more like home, and affords you the same level of privacy, homeliness and flexibility. Our Service Apartments are available for one or two day renting, weekly or monthly rent- giving you the freedom to plan your holiday/trip better. Spread across Bangalore; choose an apartment that connects you to the hot-spots of this bustling city, or is conveniently located in the suburbs. Basic amenities like laundry service, dry cleaning, Television, Gym & Fitness centres etc... are part of our packages- peace and that 'Ahhh!' feeling is entirely your own to discover. And that's why our Service Apartments call to the busy traveller in you- Stay close to the action, while having your own private space to call home! Book an Apartment or Contact us today.

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